Szeklerland’s Wildlife Watcher

Let’s live with our eyes wide open, let’s explore and learn about the environment! Szeklerland’s Wildlife Watcher is a program that helps us understand better the stunning flora and fauna that surrounds us.

The VADON („Wilderness”) Association launches the Szeklerland’s Wildlife Watcher program! If you have any photos, small videos which have been made in Szeklerland, about plants or animal species from here, that you are happy to share with others, thus enriching the Szeklerland’s Wildlife Watcher database, upload them to our website!
With your highly appreciated help, we intend to create a unique database of Szeklerland’s animal and plant species diversity. This database will be available via the website The website will host photos and small videos of the different species. The images and movies will be provided by volunteers, hikers who are willing to share their knowledge and observations with others. When uploading a photo or video, contributors will be required to fill out a submitting form with their name, the place and date where the photos have been taken or videos have been filmed. Information about the occurrence of different species will be shared to third parties only in a highly controlled manner, for scientific work purposes. In addition, the images will be published on Facebook in the TransNatura-Transylvanian Nature Photography Group managed by the VADON („Wilderness”) Association.

Our long-term goal is to use this program to create a comprehensive database of plants and animal species living around us, a database that can also be used for scientific work. In addition, the program is intended to draw attention to the environmental richness of species and preserve it as much as we can: the more we know about physical distribution of different species, the better we can act for protecting them.

Fungi, Lichens